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Love is in the air, and in the National Art Gallery! Ask that special someone in your community out on a date on a date to explore the wonders of the arts. Now, there are many ways artists communicate different art pieces, so experience one of the best date concepts and impress your date with your artistic interpretations!


Event price includes the following:

  • Ticket Booking Fee
  • 2 x Entrance Tickets
  • Asking the individual out on your behalf


Terms & Conditions Apply**

Request-A-Museum Date

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Terms & Conditions

    By purchasing a date on Request-A-Date, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

    - There will only be a refund of everything other than the payable administrative fee should your date reject the date offer.

    - You can reschedule your date once for dining-in dates, rescheduling will not be applicable to Ticketed Attraction Dates. Should any party not be able to attend any Ticketed Attraction Dates, you, the purchasee of the date will be given the e-tickets for the dates booked.


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