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The SEPS Process

Our Mission

What exactly is Socialepods?

Socialepods is a service allowing you access to an Global Singles Community. Our motto, “Building More Than Connections”, is what led our founders, Edmund and Jenny, to embark on this project that focuses on helping singles in Singapore and the rest of the world build meaningful connections and friendships with each other.

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“We hope that our community will bring people from all walks of life together from all over the world, no matter how different their life goals are at any point of time.”

Jenny Ng, Socialepods Founder

SEP Process.png
SEP Process.png

How does it work?

  1. You may set up an account by clicking on "Register Now!".

  2. You will set up an account with us and we will invite you to a quick 5-mins video call to verify your information.

  3. Once verification is complete we will approve your account and you can start enjoying your member's benefits!

  4. You will be contacted by us if a potential match is found for you.

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