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How many groups will I be added into and is there a maximum number of members that can be added into a group?

You will be put into a total of 3 groups, each group will only have 10 members at a time, if someone cancels their membership, a new member will be added into the group after they have completed the sign up process.


Can I terminate my membership at any point of time?

Yes, you can! However, do note that there will be no refunds for the membership cost that you have already paid for. You will have access to Socialepods's service until the date your membership expires.


How do I communicate within my assigned groupings?

Within your assigned groupings, you may initiate chats with other members by sending them a direct chat! You may also make a post within your assigned groupings, and others may like or comment on your posts.


Can I chat with others outside my assigned groupings?

Yes, you may chat with others outside your assigned groupings! However, you may only chat with others not within your groupings by attending events! After every event, you will be put into a group on the Socialepods platform. There, you can chat with other members up to 5 days only.


What other functionalities are there for members?

As members, you can optionally head down to some of the events planned by Socialepods for fun activities and and even more fun time getting to know other singles at the events! 

Post any questions you may have about your social life or personal wellbeing on your group's wall, other members and even the group admin can pitch in to answer your burning questions! 

Interested in someone in your group? You may ask them out on a date with Request-A-Date! Contact your group admin to find out more!


Is there a trial period?

There is currently no trial period for Socialepods, however, we recommend the 1-month plan, paid monthly, for you to give the platform a try! You may cancel your subscription at any point of time should you find that it does not suit your needs! 


Can I change my grouping?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to change your assigned grouping. You may contact your group admin should you have any queries regarding this.