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Have a question regarding Socialepods? Try looking for your answer here!

How many groups will I be added into and is there a maximum number of members that can be added into a group?

There is no maximum number of groups you can be added into. However, you will have to stay in your base country community for at least 3 months before you are able to enter another country's community group. To join another country's community, additional costs will be incurred.


Can I terminate my membership at any point of time?

Yes, you can! Just contact us and we will terminate your membership for you. However, do note that there will be no refunds for the membership cost that you have already paid for. You will have access to Socialepods's service until the date your membership expires.

You will not be able to disable the auto-renewal for your membership while you are registering for it. Terminating your membership will result in the loss of access to all your communities. Please contact us if you would like to leave your additional communities.


How do I communicate with other community members?

Within your communities, you can start chats with other members by sending them a direct message! You may also make a post within your assigned groupings, and others may like or comment on your posts.


Can I chat with others outside my assigned groupings?

Yes, you may chat with others outside your assigned groupings! However, you may only join another country's community and chat after being in your base country's community for at least 3 months. Do contact your community admin if you are interested in joining another community.


What other functionalities are there for members?

You can join interest groups within your communities in order to get to know more singles with similar interests as you!

Occasionally, you may also get messages from our admins stating that we have found someone that you may be interested in. You can choose whether you would like to match with them and we will facilitate the chat with them should you be interested in getting to know them.

Want to ask them out on dates? Let us help you with that! We can plan out dates for you and the individual you are interested in!


Is there a trial period?

There is currently no trial period for Socialepods, however, we recommend the 1-month plan, paid monthly, for you to give the platform a try! You may cancel your subscription at any point of time should you find that it does not suit your needs! 


Can we organize group meet-ups?

Yes! You are able to organize group meet-ups within your communities, however, members will be fully responsible for their belongings, safety and health during these meet-ups.


Will I still be in my current base country's community if I join another country's community?

Yes! You are! However, in order to join another country's community, there will be extra charges added, in conjunction with your current memberships. You will also not be able to leave your base country's community.

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