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Become our Member!

The word "epods" in Socialepods means "groups". Are you are interested in immersing yourself in a global community of singles? Then, join us as a member to experience Socialepods! Choose from 2 plans that best suits your lifestyle and social goals! Do contact us if you require any assistance! Note: Plans are priced in US Dollars.


Membership Benefits

Join us and become a member so you can enjoy these services: 

  1. Specially catered to people who are single and are looking to expand their social circle.

  2. Trust us to find just the right person for you based on a unique blend of algorithmic analysis.

  3. Experience the organic way of making more friends from all over the world! (Additional costs will be incurred.)

  4. Upskill and gain new life enriching experiences at specially curated workshops and events only for our members. (In-person events are only for members who are part of the Singapore Community and are in Singapore during the time of the event. Online workshops and events are available for all members.)

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